Authors may submit more than one abstract.
All abstracts must be prepared in English only.
The submitter must proofread the abstract preview to verify that it is correct before submission.
The submitter accepts responsibility for the accuracy and scientific content for submitted abstract.
Each abstract should be structured in the following sections and contain (a) background with purpose, (b) brief description of the methods used, (c) summarized results, (d) short conclusion.
Abstract must be no longer than two pages. The content of the abstract should be a single-spaced text with format – 12 point font in Times New Roman, left justified. Margins with no footer: left and right – 20 mm, top and bottom – 25 mm.
Minimum length 200 words and maximum length of 500 words (excl. title & author block).
Use standard abbreviations for measurement units, chemical names, biological molecules and processes.
Other terms should have expanded at first mention, followed by acronym in parentheses.
Extended abstracts may include tables, graphics and pictures (incl. in maximum account of 1000 words). Author is solely responsible for securing the rights from copyright holder in writing to reproduce those graphics and images for publication.
Title should be in CAPITAL LETTERS.
Author/s names (do not add titles and degrees).
Affiliations/Name of Institution followed by city and country.

Sample of Abstract Style


Deadline for the regular abstracts is April 20, 2018.
Extended submission deadline is May 11, 2018.
Late abstracts will not be considered for selected talk.